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According to a recent Stats Canada report, almost 1.4 million Canadian households reported having property rental income. That’s a significant portion of the population.. Given that rents increased on average across Canada by 11% in 2022 (and by considerably more in big cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver), it’s understandable why investing in property is so popular.
It’s tax season, a time when many people’s thoughts turn towards their tax refund and what they’ll do with it. Should you put it towards your mortgage, add it to your RRSP or make a TFSA contribution? While many financial institutions often recommend one of those options, we might suggest a different one: don’t get a tax refund at all.
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Those Canadians (45%) who say that they have a retirement plan feel less stressed about their future because retirement feels more attainable. However, many of those are unaware of what a real retirement plan looks like. Regularly saving in a company pension plan, an RRSP or a TFSA is not a retirement plan.
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Most people think of life insurance as a necessary expense. It’s something that you almost begrudgingly pay for, in the hope that you’ll never need it, but with the expectation that it will protect your family’s finances, should the worst happen.
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If you die without leaving a will, it could become a major headache for your family members and loved ones. With no will, the government will decide on who gets your money and assets, and every province and territory have their own distinct intestate rules regarding who will benefit from your estate.